Episode 1.



We speak to Lee Pycroft, celebrity makeup artist and registered psychotherapist. She candidly talks about her life and how she combines both her beauty and wellbeing professional hats. Her views on how makeup can have a transformative power are uplifting. She provides insight into how we can live life with more awareness and intention, so that we can all truly feel great and look good.


Episode 2.


We talk to Astrologer and intuitive Psychic Healer, Hedy Noemi also known as the Nymph of Neptune. Featured in Vogue magazine, Hedy’s work has helped many people who are looking for spiritual answers and guidance for a more balanced sense of wellbeing. We wanted to understand Hedy’s personal journey and struggles with her own self identity and image which led her to developing and deepening her spiritual and intuitive practise. Astrology and healing is an enthralling speciality that allows us to see the magic of the universe and what we have within ourselves. We hope you’ll find our deep dive with Hedy enlightening!


Episode 3.


n today’s episode of Feel Great, Look Good I’ll be talking to Caroline Labouchere. At 54 she started a career as a model and ambassador for her generation, having been featured in Vogue, Tatler and many other high profile campaigns. Caroline embodies the connection between beauty and wellbeing and her ageless quality shines through. She is passionate about encouraging  all women to be the best versions  of themselves at any stage of their lives and we talk to her about the challenges she faced but how she transformed her life towards self-acceptance and happiness. This open and honest conversation with Caroline was inspiring, uplifting and illuminating.


Episode 4.



In today’s episode of Feel Great Look Good we’ll be talking to Anandi, an interniainlal sleep specialist also known as the Sleep Guru. Drawing from her own personal journey with insomnia and sleep disturbance Anandi has been driven to help others find balance. As an ayurvedic coach she has dedicated her time to the study of sleep  and together with yoga and ayurveda she has created the sleepology method which takes an integrated approach to sleep and stress. Her Book Breath Better Sleep Better provides incredible guidance and knowledge to help us live our best lives and in this podcast she talks about her journey and  how we can all achieve life balance through her sleepology method.

We know you’ll get some real insight and guidance from Anandi, the sleep guru in this episode but you can also get more help and a copy of her book from her website at the sleepguru.co.uk