Episode 1.


We speak to Lee Pycroft, celebrity makeup artist and registered psychotherapist. She candidly talks about her life and how she combines both her beauty and wellbeing professional hats. Her views on how makeup can have a transformative power are uplifting. She provides insight into how we can live life with more awareness and intention, so that we can all truly feel great and look good.


Episode 2.


We talk to Astrologer and intuitive Psychic Healer, Hedy Noemi also known as the Nymph of Neptune. Featured in Vogue magazine, Hedy’s work has helped many people who are looking for spiritual answers and guidance for a more balanced sense of wellbeing. We wanted to understand Hedy’s personal journey and struggles with her own self identity and image which led her to developing and deepening her spiritual and intuitive practise. Astrology and healing is an enthralling speciality that allows us to see the magic of the universe and what we have within ourselves. We hope you’ll find our deep dive with Hedy enlightening!


Episode 3.


We talk to Caroline Labouchere. At 54 she started a career as a model and ambassador for her generation, having been featured in Vogue, Tatler and many other high profile campaigns. Caroline embodies the connection between beauty and wellbeing and her ageless quality shines through. She is passionate about encouraging  all women to be the best versions  of themselves at any stage of their lives and we talk to her about the challenges she faced but how she transformed her life towards self-acceptance and happiness. This open and honest conversation with Caroline was inspiring, uplifting and illuminating.


Episode 4.


In this episode we talk to Anandi, an international sleep specialist also known as the Sleep Guru. Drawing from her own personal journey with insomnia and sleep disturbance Anandi has been driven to help others find balance. As an ayurvedic coach she has dedicated her time to the study of sleep  and together with yoga and ayurveda she has created the sleepology method which takes an integrated approach to sleep and stress. Her Book Breath Better Sleep Better provides incredible guidance and knowledge to help us live our best lives and in this podcast she talks about her journey and  how we can all achieve life balance through her sleepology method.

We know you’ll get some real insight and guidance from Anandi, the sleep guru in this episode but you can also get more help and a copy of her book from her website at the sleepguru.co.uk


Episode 5.



Tom Szaky, CEO of Terracycle and Loop is our guest in this episode of Feel Great Look Good.  Everything that everyone owns will eventually become waste and Tom has created the only company in the world that creates value by recycling the non-recyclable. Products are collected and transformed into raw material for the creation of new products. In the beauty sector this is one of the key challenges and Tom has become a pioneer in encouraging brands to reimagine and shape the future of waste so that they can help to save the environment. We also talk about how important we as consumers are in the process of sustainability and how much power we have to shape the future, through changing our own perspectives and behaviour.  We know you’ll be just as inspired as we were by Tom Szaky and the incredible impact that he has made through TerraCycle and Loop.


Episode 6.


Rio’s Beauty Blog, Off the Label was created to understand what products do and what the labels don’t tell you. She is passionate about good ingredients and how they make our skin and hair feel happy. We talk about Rio’s fascinating career that started within behavioural sciences and how she has always been curious about what we buy, especially in beauty. She talks about her minimalist beauty routine when she lived in Sri Lanka, which included moisturising with aloevera, coconut oil, and other natural ingredients that were readily available to her.

After returning to England and going back to her usual beauty routine her skin and body reacted badly and she wanted to know why. Her curiosity and need to heal her skin and hair, inspired her to create Off the Label and share her knowledge.  We know you’ll love her approach to understanding beauty products,  which help us make conscious choices about what we buy and use.


Episode 7.


We talk to Louise and Dan Malcolmson, founders of the unique genderless skincare brand Mal & Mod. Their brand focuses on the benefits of each product and not on gender, but also on simplicity and sustainability in skincare. We deep dive into how they started as beautepreneurs and how important the quality of the ingredients and formulations has been, from the conception of the brand. Their inspiring story shows how a beauty brand comes to life and the challenges that come with launching a new venture in a competitive industry.


Episode 8.


Alexis Robillard, founder of Clean Makeup brand, All Tigers is our guest in this episode of Feel Great Look Good. After working with big iconic brands like Dior and L’Oréal Alexis felt that that there was a real need to formulate and develop a truly organic, natural vegan makeup range that would be good for people and the planet.  After going shopping with his daughter to find a natural, organic lipstick, he realised that there were not many green and glamourous makeup products out there. Considering a woman will digest 2kg of lipstick in her lifetime, it seemed obvious to Alexis that he had to start with developing the perfect, stylish range of lipsticks. He then set out to formulate a range of lip and nail products that included the best plant-based ingredients, which would not be harmful to people or planet.  But more importantly would provide great long lasting colour.

We also talked about the challenges of starting a new venture and how he developed the concept of All Tigers, but also how makeup can provide strength courage and inner confidence especially when we can all feel fragile and vulnerable at times – just like a tiger!  We love the sustainability ethos of the brand, which also supports the conservation of endangered tigers.


Episode 9.



In this episode we talk to Allison Sheppard , Naturopath and founder of Naturopathy for Living. As a wellbeing practitioner and naturopath Allison’s approach is about guiding and empowering people to make sustained lifestyle changes. She has a special interest in the prevention and reversal of chronic health conditions which include digestive and thyroid health; anxiety and stress management; and anti-aging. One of the innovative therapeutic interventions we discuss is mitochondrial therapy – a real eye opener for anyone wanting to increase their energy levels and slow the process of cellular ageing.

She also uses a range of techniques aimed at restoring health and wellness and we discussed how the first piece of the puzzle is usually diet, focused on a personalised nutrition programme. We also talked about a systemic approach by identifying barriers to health such as lifestyle, especially stress, which we know has such an impact on how we feel and look.