The founder started hunting for organic and natural beauty products when she became a mother. Knowing that these products would be better for her children and the world they would grow up in, she began a journey of discovery. The key challenge was the lack of knowledge and information about products and ingredients that would not be harmful to themselves and the environment. It was proving difficult to make conscious choices.

That's when Organa Beauty & Wellbeing was born.


We believe that knowledge and education is key to making conscious and confident choices. We know that you are curious and want to discover the best organic and natural products out there. So, we'll always give you the most informative and inspirational knowledge, but also hand pick and source brands that use ingredients which are not harmful to you or the environment. The Organa team will always review the products we sell and experts will be on hand to advice on all things beauty and wellbeing.  

Enjoy shopping at Organa Beauty & Wellbeing! 

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