How We Select Products

Life can sometimes be out of our control. The beauty and wellbeing products we choose to use is one area we can regulate. We don’t need to use unnecessary synthetic chemicals, so we don’t sell them. The brands we stock, share our values around natural skincare and organic ingredients. Each product has been chosen for their commitment to balanced beauty and wellbeing. ORGANA stocks brands that are Soil Association certified, Ecocert approved or manufactured as 100% carbon neutral, so that they protect our environment and our health.

None of the brands we stock test their products on animals, nor do they instruct anyone to do so on their behalf. Our sourcing approach looks beyond the elimination of parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, SLS, and synthetic fragrances and extends to a further 25 + commonly used synthetic chemicals.

We don't use the term 'chemical free' on our website, a term commonly used in natural skincare. We find it misleading because a common example of a chemical substance is pure water; it has the same properties and the same ratio of hydrogen to oxygen. An essential component to human life is in fact a chemical.

Instead we prefer to use the more accurate term, 'synthetic chemical'.

We have listed the ingredients we avoid, but this is constantly evolving. Not everything we stock is 100% natural. For example, some products contain small amounts of synthetic preservatives such as phenoxyethanol which is allowed under some organic certification regulations. Others include Dimethicone in an otherwise natural formulation to improve longevity on the skin and reduce creasing in products like cream eye shadows. See the full list here.