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Why Do You Need Roses In Your Life?

Why Do You Need Roses In Your Life?

Most of us have heard about rose water for your skin, and while you may have experienced the lush view of strewn rose petals in your life at some point, you probably haven’t given much thought to them outside of this.

So, if we were to tell you that roses are a superpower in the botanical world with a lengthy list of health benefits, would you be surprised. Yep, we were too. Far from just a pretty face, the potential health benefits of roses range from helping with upset tums to wound healing. Here, we explore it all and find ways to get more rose in our lives starting with our new favourite, rose tea.

What is rose tea?

Rose tea is quite simply a herbal concoction made from rose buds and petals. As expected, this gives you a glorious sensory experience from the start, with a beautifully fragrant and sweet-tasting brew. And let’s not overlook that part, because actually, the aromatic qualities of roses are also linked to pow-like health facts such as lowering stress and anxiety, which as we know, aside from feeling grim, does actual harm to our bodies long term.

It might not be the most common type of tea on the shelves, but actually, rose tea has been consumed and lorded for its medicinal properties for centuries. When it comes to the types of rose teas out there, the quick fact is that every type of rose is edible, although some taste sweeter (quite literally) than some.  

Rose tea benefits

Used in Chinese Medicine for an age, the purported benefits of rose petal tea include helping with digestive issues, tiredness and poor sleep quality, mood swings and irritability and menopausal or menstrual problems.

Modern studies have delved into these ideas, and it shows some promising results. Part of the magic of rose petals is that they’re vitamin-rich, laden with vitamins C, A and E and also packed with iron and calcium. But that’s not all, they are also a great antioxidant thanks to their phytonutrients, and these little guys are said to battle cancer. Consume enough, and that could reduce the risk of cancer by up to 40%.  

As if this isn’t enough, there’s more. Links to roses petals offering immune system support, lowering the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease or cognitive conditions, and acting as an anti-inflammatory are all part of the picture. It goes to show that while we might connect roses with love, we should think of them as the ultimate key to self-love.

Is rose water good for your skin?

If you’re wondering what the link is here between the goodness-adding properties of consuming rose in a tea and your good old rose water for skin, here’s how that works.

This one is all down to its vitamin content along with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. This combo helps with conditions that cause acne, blemishes and skin redness. Another little trick rose water has up its sleeve is its antibacterial punch. This is another reason why it works so well on acne-prone skin because it gets busy healing wounds.

All this stuff can be beneficial when used topically, and it can also help when ingested too.  Take a look at In Bloom Drops and their Kashan Botanical Water Drops

What about rose and CBD?

If you’ve had your ear to the ground, you’ll have heard about CBD in products like tablets and tinctures. Hemp tea is just another way of taking CBD orally, and just like a rose, it’s under the microscope due to its promising array of health benefits.

Combine a CBD with a rose and you get a double helping of all the good stuff we’ve touched on because CBD’s benefits include aiding mood, busting stress and anxiety and other conditions like arthritis and pain management.

Just like the rose, you can get these benefits by administering CBD in different ways, from inhalation to ingestion and topical use. So, couple rose with CBD in balms and candles and you can get a luxurious experience that settles your body and mind.    

Rose CBD Fragranced Candle


Far from belonging just to the realms of ancient medicines, rose tea and the rose plant in general offer an impressive number of potential health benefits.

Perhaps one of the most exciting is its ability to improve mood imbalances, which are often triggered day-to-day and are tricky to get on top of. Even more fascinating, the emerging data on hemp and CBD products shows us that we can combine supercharged botanicals to maximise the effects.

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