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What are we really putting under our arms?

What are we really putting under our arms?

After years suffering from a recurrent swollen lump under my armpit, literally everything I tried would not help it settle down, I was finally told I had Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS). You only have to google the name to see images that the words “Yuk” “ Gross” and “Revolting” would come to mind. Imagine how I felt having this big red lump that occasionally would ooze puss under my arm visible when going to the gym, wearing a bikini on the beach or when I wanted to wear that cute strapless dress for date night.

What is HS? HS is a long term skin disease with no known direct cause, some professionals suggest genetic and environmental factors come in to play. Other risk factors include OBESITY and SMOKING, both not relating to me... So as a result of little knowledge about the causes no medical professional could give me a CURE but said I could TREAT it short term.

Fast forward a few years of trying different types antibiotics used to treat acne, which at one point led to awful intracranial headaches, and also the thought that if I got pregnant by accident (at this point I had been married for 4 years) I would have to abort due to the risk of fetal deformities, I am now free of flare-ups thanks to NON ALUMINIUM DEODORANTS. It is important to note here that all medical references on HS suggest the condition is not related to the use of DEODORANT!

Switching from generic deodorants to ALUMINIUM FREE for the past two years I have not only got my confidence back about my arms being on show (I couldn’t even do any hair removal … because it would cause immediate flare up and lead to a painful red rash around the affected area) but I have discovered ALUMINIUM FREE deodorants that actually work and don’t make me smell like I hadn’t showered in 5 days.


AESOP Herbal Deodorant –  The smell is very potent in that herbal way. The fact it comes as spray form and as a roll on is great, I have tried both. Sometimes I do find a roll on can lead to a little irritation on my skin so it’s perfect that then I have the option to use the spray. I have rarely felt like it hasn’t given me coverage even after a spin class or running around with my 21-month-old. I would give this product 10/10.

MALIN + GOETZ eucalyptus deodorant – It comes as a roll on, the smell reminds me of being in a spa when the door of the steam room opens and wafts that eucalyptus scent mixed in little droplets of water…. Pure bliss!! It comes in a travel size bottle too, perfect for a weekend getaway. Coverage is good, not 100% but then with the travel size bottle, I can quickly just top up in the ladies room.

Schmidt’s Jasmine Tea Deodorant – One of my newest tried and tested. I had a choice between YLANG-YLANG +CALENDULA or JASMINE TEA, there was no contest, my daughter’s name is JASMINE so I was sold on the spot. The consistency of the roll in is a little too creamy for me and every time I tried to use the winding stick mechanism it would get all messy. This type of factor is a game changer for me, as I rarely have 5 minutes to get ready in the morning. However, the smell is great and the coverage is about an 8/10. Worth a try.  

Since using deodorants without ALUMINIUM and having under arm no skin issues, as a result, it made me start to question all these additives in the beauty products we use. What reaction does the use of ALUMINIUM  have on our skin? We are not all blessed not to have to use deodorant. I certainly need deodorant and I never had an issue of smelling bad or sweating so much when using generic deodorants but the effects on my skin were just not worth it in the end. Now I can smell good and more importantly help my skin condition repair itself without medical intervention.

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