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Water Infusions for New Mums

Water Infusions for New Mums

Parenting is hard enough without factoring in how much it ages the skin due to weeks of sleep deprivation. 

Disturbed sleep is one of the number one ways to find your skin looking tired and lackluster. As you're balancing a new little human that requires every second of your time, we rounded up some key products that you can pick up for yourself to infuse with H2O to help revamp your skin

All the berries…

Strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries all carry vital antioxidants. Adding a few to a jug of water in your fridge can keep your skin blemish free when your hormones are all over the place.

Cucumber, mint, and lemon

If you’re eating at odd times then this can take its toll on your digestive system - especially when your body is correcting itself after pregnancy. An infusion of these three healing items will help keep your digestive system in fantastic working order. They also have fantastic anti-inflammatory properties to help any aches and pains you have whilst adjusting to carrying and lifting a little one.

Raspberry, mint, and kiwi

Adding these three refreshing ingredients to water will again detox your system all whilst loading your system with fiber and vitamin C keeping skin and your digestive system in check.

Lemons and lots of them

If you don’t have time to get to the shops to make more complex fruit infused waters, then simply keeping a good stock of lemons will to add to your water will assure your skin is glowing at all times - even on two hours sleep!

Check out some of our brands made with some of these incredible ingredients in our Coming Soon section to preview what's coming in The Shop soon! 

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