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The Key To Healthy Skin Indoors

The Key To Healthy Skin Indoors

There are periods of life when we naturally spend more time indoors, be it the colder months, when you’ve got a baby, or, more currently, during the lockdown.

Whatever the reasons for being indoors more, the lack of natural light and fresh air can take its toll on our skin and wellbeing. In this article, we take a look at how to really look after ourselves when spending more time indoors.

Skincare for indoors

From routines going out the window to lack of Vitamin D, there are a whole host of problems that can arise when we’re not out in the elements as much.

Renowned facialist and aromatherapist with a waiting list of six months Emmaline Tsui states some common problems that can arise when we’re not out and about as much as usual, “When we are indoors, we can be a little lax with our skincare routines. It can be tempting (as a lot of us may not be wearing makeup) to only cleanse once a day in the morning because we have no need to cleanse in the evening. Unfortunately, this is not great for our skin because even though we are not wearing makeup, throughout the day we can be touching our faces with our hands (which are not always clean), we can sweat, go for walks, etc. and so there can be a build-up of dirt, oils, and pollution on our skin which can lead to breakouts if we don’t cleanse twice a day.”

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Use SPF Indoors

Continuing on these common skin misdemeanours many of us are guilty of making, Emmaline elaborates, “When we spend a lot of time indoors we are also tempted to not wear sunscreen as we might feel that it is unnecessary. However, UVA rays can still penetrate through glass and so we are still at risk of skin damage and cancers. Our devices (mobiles/tablets) also emit blue light and infrared [light] and so ideally we would wear an SPF to protect our skin from this too as it can cause inflammation which can lead to further skin problems such as hyperpigmentation. I always recommend the Nimue SPF 50 Environmental Shield as this provides protection against UVA, UVB, blue light, infra-red and pollution.


Many top health, beauty and wellbeing professionals also believe that the key to healthy skin is about routine. Cleansing morning and night is essential and keeping to a routine also supports your mental wellbeing. Practising daily SPF is also regularly regarded as the bastion of all good skincare, alongside regular exfoliation. “Exfoliate twice a week to help your cell turnover and keep the pores clean - and if you can, apply a mask. If you don’t need to wear makeup during the day, you can always multitask at your laptop with a face mask on!” Emmaline hastens to add.

The effects of sugar on your skin

It’s not just lotions and potions that will set you on your virtuous path to great looking skin. A healthy diet and clean living are also the keys to success. Avoiding fizzy drinks and comfort food will certainly help. Tsui points out the shocking truth about the effect your sweet tooth is having on your skin “sugar is directly linked to ageing through glycation and so it is very important not to have too much. Try and incorporate protein, fat, fibre, greens and a superfood into each meal where possible.”

Superhero ingredients for your skin

Hyaluronic acid has firmly wiggled its way into most bathroom cabinets of the beauty conscious and using it daily is a fantastic way to keep skin nourished.

Tsui also praises enzyme-based exfoliators with pineapple and papaya enzymes that give you fresh-out-of-the-beauty-salon facial results, if they’re used correctly. “They make your skin glow and look radiant without any harsh scrubbing to irritate the skin or make it sensitive.” Explains the skincare expert.

Hydrate your skin

Hydration is paramount for great skin, and mixing up your water intake with infusions and herbals teas really help to enjoy hydrating. Tsui highlights two less obvious practices to keep skin looking as great as possible. “Boosting serotonin levels will also help the skin. I always recommend regular orgasms - yes you read that right. They’re great to help release tension in the body, boost circulation, help with sleep and boost our feel-good hormones.” Great tips for feeling great and looking good!

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Emmaline Tsui’s personal skin routine (h2)

In the morning I cleanse my skin either with my Cleansing Beauty Cream or My Cleansing Rosewater on a cotton pad. Then I apply my Vitamin C Serum Anti-Ageing eye cream, The Face Cream, and SPF.

Cleansing Rosewater

In the evening I double cleanse my skin using The Cleansing Beauty Balm, then follow with The Cleansing Beauty Cream. I then apply my Vitamin C Serum, Anti Ageing eye cream and The Face Cream. Then I might add a few drops of The Botanical Elixir and massage my face using my gua sha face tool (I usually do this every other morning or night). 

Twice a week I use The Exfoliating Face Mask to do an exfoliation and face mask all in one. This is self-care and healthy skin at its best, indoors!

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Interview by Hannah Shakir

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