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Our Beautiful Creatures

Our Beautiful Creatures

We probably don’t need a day to remind us how precious our pets are to us and how beneficial they are to our lives. In terms of beauty and beauty products we wanted to use this opportunity to be grateful for our pets (including Alfie, the Organa Beauty office dog, who is sometimes the naughtiest creature alive). But we also wanted to refocus our thoughts on cruelty free products and a cruel-free, conscious  society – to all creatures big and small. At every turn we hear stories of continued animal cruelty, species suffering survival amidst plastic pollution and populations of creatures going instinct – still! We felt that it was important to keep all these pressing issues at the front of our minds and really be conscious of how we live together in the world.  We also wanted to be positive and look at the enormous benefits animals have on our lives. We feel we couldn’t do without them.

In terms of beauty and wellbeing we know that stress is a major issue in modern day living. It has a visible and invisible impact on our body and skin. So, its crucial that we take hold and become conscious about stress and how to manage it. Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s book The Stress Solution is a really good read. Also techniques like meditationyoga and journaling come to mind. These are great techniques, to be sure. But getting a new best friend can also have many stress relieving and health benefits. While human friends provide great social support and come with some fabulous benefits, this article focuses on the benefits of furry friends: cats and dogs! Research shows that, unless you’re someone who really dislikes animals or is absolutely too busy to care for one properly, pets can provide excellent social support, stress relief, and other health benefits—perhaps more than people. The following are more wellbeing benefits of pets.

Improve Your Mood

For those who love animals, it’s virtually impossible to stay in a bad mood when a pair of loving puppy eyes meets yours, or when a super-soft cat rubs up against your hand. In addition to the social support, stress relief, and general health benefits that pets can bring, research supports the mood-enhancing benefits of pets. A recent study found that men with AIDS were less likely to suffer from depression if they owned a pet. We also know that when you feel good from the inside you look great on the outside with a glow that permeates through your hair and skin.

Encouragement to Get Out And Exercise

Whether we walk our dogs because they need it, or are more likely to enjoy a walk when we have companionship, dog owners do spend more time walking than non-pet owners, at least if we live in an urban setting. Most people with dogs will tell you that they enjoy walks better because of the companionship of their pets, and perhaps even the feeling of being part of a community of other pet lovers. Because exercise is good for stress management and overall health, owning a dog can be credited with increasing these benefits. It well established that walking in fresh air is the best remedy for healthy, radiant skin (remembering your SPF of course)! Research has shown that this sort of activity can help towards getting a good night’s sleep too – a double whammy for feeling good and looking great. Take a look at Africology’s Sleep Gel.

Stave Off Loneliness and Provide Unconditional Love

Pets can be there for you in ways that people can’t. They can offer love and companionship, and can also enjoy comfortable silences, keep secrets and are excellent snugglers. And they could be the best antidote to loneliness. In fact, one study found that nursing home residents reported less loneliness when visited by dogs alone than when they spent time with dogs and other people. All these benefits can reduce the amount of stress people experience in response to feelings of social isolation and lack of social support from people.

It’s important to realise that owning a pet isn’t for everyone. Pets do come with additional work and responsibility, which can bring its own stress. However, for most people, the benefits of having a pet outweigh the drawbacks. Having a furry best friend can reduce stress in your life and bring you support when times get tough. Any stress reduction has a holistic benefit, including good digestion, good sleep and GREAT SKIN!

Love from the ORGANA Team

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