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Nichola Joss on Spring Skin Hacks & Facial Massage

Nichola Joss on Spring Skin Hacks & Facial Massage

We were delighted to interview one of the most revered skincare experts in the beauty industry. As beauty therapist to celebrities including Scarlett Johansson, Hilary Swank, Gisele Bundchen, and Gwyneth Paltrow, we speak to Nichola Joss as she unveils the secrets behind the wonders of facial massage and her best spring skin hacks to get you glowing again.

We're getting ready for spring now and our skin's been exposed to cold, harsh weather, what steps would you suggest to get spring and summer ready? Gentle Exfoliation is the best. I like to use a liquid exfoliating toner that will not only brighten the skin, remove dead skin cells but also help to reduce pores and masks can help to brighten the skin. Add a daily massage to your routine to help stimulate blood flow and remove any dullness. I like to keep my skin dewy by adding a facial mist or spritz throughout the day.

Spring brings warmer weather so whats the best product to use on your skin for a base? Protecting the skin from the pollution which rises with the warmer weather is essential. Adding an anti-pollution product to your skincare routine will help and Africology's Anti-Oxidant Serum will provide a great base for your skin.

Many people tend not to wear heavy makeup in the warmer months, any tips for minimal spring colour? I'm a huge fan of Milk Makeup, Illia and RSM Beauty. Sarya is newly launched and I love their organic lipsticks. Organic and natural makeup is easy to apply and will not give heavy coverage, but more of a natural glow

What are your top spring skin hacks? Massage, massage, massage! When you spend time massaging the facial muscles you will start working the lymphatic system which keeps the body clear of toxins and fluids. Massage will help improve contours by removing tension, stress and any heaviness in the muscles. It also pushes oxygen and nutrients into the skin and muscle tissue, helping to nourish and improve cell renewal. Your face will feel lighter and softer, muscles will be stronger and contours will be improved adding a lifted appearance to the face.

Where do you stand on extraction? If its done by a professional it can be great. Doing it home coud lead to scarring.

What else can we do to get a dewy glow thats spring-ready? Massage your face with an oil like Skinirvana or Naya Facial oil. This will build circulation adding essential nutrients and ingredients whilst also adding radiance and vitality to skin, muscles and facial contours.

How do you feel about the idea of 'conscious beauty' and restocking your beauty cabinet with more natural, organic and ethical lotions? I'm ALL about conscious beauty and being aware and informed about the ingredients and products we use. We should all move towards more organic, gentle, clean and caring products for body and skin.

Nichola Joss' Top Tips for Facial Massage

Begin by washing your hands and then follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Apply your favourite facial oil to the palms of your hands and rub together gently. Place the palms of the hands onto the cheeks and side of the face, gently pressing in the neck from under the ears, sweeping towards the centre of the neck and ending at the opposite shoulder. Do the same to the other side, repeating three times each side. This will help to open the lymphatic system.

Step 2: Work from the bridge of the nose, sweep outwards and upwards towards the hairline. Do this six times.

Step 3: Take your index and middle finger, palms facing out and hold the jaw line firmly between two fingers. Starting from the chin gently bend the knuckles and sweep out towards the edge of the jawline. Do this six times.

Step 4: Taking the heels of the palms gently press under the cheekbone area and push the palms in and hold for a count of six.

Step 5: For your eyes place your index fingers on the temples gently supporting the skin and pulling slightly towards the hairline. Take your middle fingers and gently sweep under the eye area towards the bridge of the nose and then using pressure slowly work along the eyebrow line. Do this six times.

Finish by massaging the face using fingertips in a circular motion - always working outwards and upwards.

By Hannah Shakir


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