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2021 has ushered in a wave of reflection. Whilst maskne, endless zoom calls and loungewear might have meant that makeup was not a priority, it seems to be having a resurgence.

 Our formulas of choice, shopping habits and even our application tools are changing in the wave of this new makeup minimalism trend. We’re moving away to more natural ingredients, finishes and textures and are more curious than ever about how to enhance our natural beauty. Where we would have loved having a multi-step, 300-layer time consuming routine we are now looking for those five or six killer products that help us achieve an elevated but honest version of our authentic selves. We've looked at some of the ways to adopt makeup minimalism  - which you may be doing already without realising!

(Carefully) Defined Features 

Think that eye makeup is a thing of the past? You’d be (half) wrong. Gone are the days where we all spent time meticulously applying many different layers of shadows and spending hours blending until they are smoked out perfection. In the spirit of makeup minimalism, we’ve simply changed tack. We still seek definition for all those Zoom calls, but it tends to be in the form of a subtle sweep of colour along the socket and lash line to define the lid, followed by a mascara that will last the distance. The SARYA Eyeshadows are perfect for easy application. With a velvet texture and silk finish they’re a fuss free, easy to blend formulation containing Bio Apricot Oil, Avocado Oil, bio–Shea Butter and is 100% free of parabens, mineral oils, perfume, and phthalates. Go for the shade Mocha for the perfect versatile brown. 

 organic and vegan lipstick


When it comes to lips, reach for your perfect ‘your lips but better’ shade to naturally enhance your pout. Our recommendation? The SARYA Pure Vanity Lipstick is an absolute must for everyday wear. A true nude lipstick with pink undertones combines natural and vegetarian ingredients that keep lips soft and smooth with a slick of colour.

 It’s All About The Brows

Whether you’re in a passionate (or less than) existing relationship with your brows they’re one of the fastest ways to provide ‘scaffolding’ to your look and natural framing for the face. In terms of size or texture, embracing what you were gifted with it’s the aim of the game. Gone are the intensely pencilled and carved out brows of the 2018/2019 bubble and instead natural texture, fluffy brows are centre stage. About time too considering that we can’t get a threading or wax appointment for another month!

 Juicy Skin

Skin is a HUGE focus at the moment, and we have a really exciting trend report coming all about the hottest trend of the moment: Skinimalism, so keep your eyes peeled! Radiant skin featured all over the spring/summer catwalks and with all of us dreaming of our next holiday we’ve all be trying our best to fake the glowing effects from home. A large part of achieving this look starts with your canvas and prep work. Naturally effective skincare ingredients and a simplified routine are your your go to. If you’re a having a good skin day and want to leave off the makeup a quality facial oil like KADALYS Radiance Precious Oil can create all the light reflecting qualities you need.  It’s specially designed for revitalising dull skin and hair and its dry texture means no greasy feeling throughout the day. If you’re all about that base, allow it to sink into the skin for 5 minutes before then applying your glowing foundation, bb cream or concealer of choice. 


beauty oil sustainable, organic and vegan


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