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Lifting the Lid on Skincare Routines for Men

Lifting the Lid on Skincare Routines for Men

It’s common for men to be left in the dark about how to treat their skin. As a society, the conversation around male grooming and skincare is often a quiet one. Away from the grey and blue-tinted aftershave and deodorant ad campaigns men are pretty much left to their own devices or steered by partners on how to look after their skin.

Here, we talk to Pamela Viglielmo: President of male skincare brand, MËNAJI Worldwide about men’s skincare routines and also how men can look after their skin all year round.

What are some common problems for male skin during the cooler months or when spending lots of time indoors?

Whatever the season, its always good to take care of your skin and men's skin is no exception.   Enjoying time outdoors or too hot showers will dry out the skin. Moisture is lost and needs to be replenished. A lightweight moisturizer is key - and the easiest way for a guy to get the moisture he needs is by getting hydration during and post-shave. By also adding an SPF, he’s getting double duty - hydration + sun protection - before heading outside to face UVA and UVB harmful sunlight - both of which bring about early skin ageing in the way of sunspots and wrinkles.

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What would you say is the most important ingredient for men to keep skin healthy?

Hydration! Men [often] think that since their skin is oilier they don't need to moisturize, but they're missing the point. Excess skin oil secretion which guys experience is not hydration. Hydration only comes about by consuming lots of water during the day, as well as using a proper moisturizer - one that's formulated for men's skin which has to be light, without lots of unnecessary emollients.

What superfood would you suggest to support healthy skin?

It's hard to choose one particular Superfood as so many are key to healthy skin, however, the couple that come to mind as they seemingly fit a lot of guys' eating habits [are] eggs and blueberries.

Eggs are so much a part of a great get-the-day going breakfast, and blueberries are so easy to throw into a bowl with lots of other great eats - cereal, a smoothie, a salad. Oh, also garlic [with] any pasta, potatoes, fish, etc. All can take a nice hit of garlic!

What tips would you recommend for men keeping skin underneath facial hair healthy?

Exfoliate! Just like a snake needs to shed dead skin cells, human skin is healthier with regular exfoliation. A guy's skin can get this same result through a scrub with physical particulars providing the exfoliating friction, or by using skincare products with alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) or beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) as the acids exfoliate the skin surface to improve its texture like a clay mask. These groups of acids often can catch what the body didn't shed off and are wonderful at cleaning our excess sebum from the pores and reducing oiliness.

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Is there a simple daily skincare routine for men you can suggest?

In the morning a clean, protected face is how to meet the day. Cleanse, Hydrate, Conceal and Protect.

What should men do to keep skin healthy in summer vs what they should do in the colder months?

Lifestyle is key, however generally a guy will need to use more skin protection in the summer months. Hydration is key, as is a skin tone matching sunblock so that a guy can enjoy all he wants outdoors and never have to give up looking good. With our Power Hydrator PLUS, three natural shades mean that a guy gets sun protection without the white sunscreen mess that so many feel that they have to live with to be protected.

Key takeaways for skincare routines for men

  1. Hydration is essential - drink plenty of water
  2. Superfoods: eggs, blueberries & garlic
  3. Introduce a regular skincare routine
  4. Follow the steps - clean, moisturise, SPF

Interview by Hannah Shakir


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