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It’s all in the eyes…

It’s all in the eyes…

Eyes are the windows to our soul, and they reveal a lot about the emotions we are feeling and help us form important human connections. Could we even experience love without our eyes? 

Over the last few months, we’ve seen face masks make their way into our everyday lives. And with most of our faces covered there’s a definite spotlight on our eyes – they’re the first thing people will see and focus on. It also means that eyes become an important way of communicating and we need to take even more care of them. 

So, we decided to talk to makeup artist Nadira Persaud on how important the eyes have become in a world where masks are part of everyday life. We’ll be showcasing a range of stunning eye makeup looks to make your eyes glow, and some top skincare tips for keeping your eyes nourished and healthy. There are some life-changing and helpful tips that Nadira shares with us, so read on to find out more!

Meet the Expert

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Nadira trained at the London College of Fashion and has since become a highly sought after MUA and Beauty expert. With a portfolio of influential clients in the world of beauty and fashion, Nadira is no stranger to creating inspiring makeup looks that will catch the eye. Nadira has also released a book on facial massage techniques and holds virtual makeup tutorials.

So, in a world where everyone now has to wear face masks, we were keen to ask Nadira what makeup tricks we can use on our eyes.

Makeup tricks for naturally gorgeous eyes

  1. Lengthen the brows

“The eyebrows are important since they frame all the features on our face. I always like to make eyebrows appear longer, highlighting the arch, and shaping them to frame the face’.

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2. Create longer looking lashes, naturally

“A great trick to create depth is to use a fine gel liner brush close to the lash roots”. This has the effect of creating longer looking eyelashes, without having to wear mascara.

3. Attention to detail

“Precision is key. I always ensure I comb each individual lash through, paying particular attention to the end lashes to create the illusion of a bigger, brighter eye’. So ladies, don’t forget to comb those end lashes, it can make all the difference.

A common view in the makeup world is that there are a unique combination of colours and tones which we should wear to match our complexion. However, Nadira believes otherwise.

“I don’t like following rules when it comes to makeup, and I believe anyone can wear any colour and work it. It is important to use colours which bring out the eye colour and match skin tone and tone of brows, but it also depends on what clothes you are wearing that day.”

So, next time you play around with your eye makeup, be daring and play around with unique colour combinations.

Skincare is just as important as makeup when it comes to eyes. The healthier and happier your eye skin, the more naturally your eyes will glow.

Ultimate skincare tips for the eyes

1. Massage techniques


Nadira is a pro when it comes to massage techniques. These can be quick miracle workers for reducing puffiness and tired-looking eyes.

“My absolute saviour for the eyes is using an eye oil before bed, with a few drops I use my ring finger in gentle sweeping motions from the inner to the outer part of the eye”. This helps with drainage and provides much-needed moisture.



Top tip: Never go too close to the eye with makeup and skincare. Just use creams along the orbital bone, following the shadow of the eye bag.

2. The lighter the better

Now, this tip has actually changed my life. Nadira states that “creams that are too thick and heavy will create milia under the eyes”. Milia are tiny little white sacks which form when your under-eye skin can’t absorb all the oily creams properly. In order to avoid this, use light creams which are specially formulated for the eyes, and are designed to hydrate and firm the skin.

3. Be careful with retinols

Nadira explains that “retinol should only really be used as short term treatments, rather than prolonged skincare products”. Because retinol are very strong, they can cause a lot of skin sensitivity and often are too strong for the eyes. “Retinols can work well as a pigmentation treatment, but don’t use every day and use only for a short period of time”.

4. Avoid tugging

The skin underneath our eyes is much thinner and more delicate than the rest of our skin. It doesn’t have oil glands to keep it moisturised and has limited blood flow. Therefore any tugging is more likely to cause wrinkles. Always pat your skincare around the eye area or gently sweep without tugging at the skin.

5. Keep it clean!

Nadira is very hot on cleanliness. As a makeup artist it is important that tools are always kept clean, and makeup kept fresh. 

Nadira’s eco tip: Use a natural soap to clean your makeup and mascara brushes, and reuse old mascara brushes to act as clean brushes to brush through your brows and eyelashes after applying mascara. This helps to break up the lashes and prevents them sticking together.

Makeup is all about inspiring confidence. Rather than hiding our insecurities, it should be used to enhance our features, like our eyes, helping us to express our feelings and communicate with others. We don't need to change what we look like, we just need to be the best versions of ourselves. Hopefully, this has now armed you with some great #beautyhacks for creating mesmerising eye makeup looks especially when wearing a face mask or covering.

By Rio Cooke @soulofsocial





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