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Inspiring Ingredients: MARULA OIL

Inspiring Ingredients: MARULA OIL

We're always on the hunt for new products that can help with a variety of skin concerns, but we're more excited to learn about any super-ingredients that can really make a difference. It's important to know what these ingredients are, how they work and how best to build them into our beauty and wellbeing regimes. Every month we will focus on the most effective and sustainable ingredients for your skin, with our Inspiring Ingredients features.

Marula Oil

Originating from a yellow oblong fruit (similar to a plum) found on the female Marula tree, Marula oil is extracted from the nut of the fruit. Full of fatty acids and Omega's it can even help sensitive skin that is prone to eczema and breakouts.

What are the Key Benefits

The list is endless, but we found that it reduced epidermal inflammation (redness and dry patches) and restored the skin's balance. Rich in vitamins C & E it also helps to protect and repair the skin cells from air pollution and ageing. Its also perfect for reducing scarring, pigmentation, and stretch marks, which may occur during pregnancy.

How do we use it

Marula oil is usually blended with other essential oils creating lotions, kinds of butter, scrubs, and serums, which are all perfect for your daily skin routine. Africology infuses their product with rooibos and neroli, creating a highly effective Conditioning Body Oil and this is one of the best products we have found on the market. We suggest to apply the oil all over the body, either alone or blend into your other skincare lotions, balms, and body butters.

Did you know

When we spoke to Renchia Dragonis, founder of Africology, she explained that there is a spiritual element to marula oil. Every year when healers are doing their harvest they have a 'gratitude celebration' prior to using the oil and any form of gratitude is welcomed in our book! For Renchia, whatever you put on your skin should always heal and nurture and we totally agree with this holistic philosophy. We love the idea that "what touches your skin touches your soul".

We are in LOVE with this soulful ingredient




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