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FUROSHIKI: The Conscious Consumers Way of Gift Wrapping

FUROSHIKI: The Conscious Consumers Way of Gift Wrapping

Furoshiki is more than just an eco-conscious alternative to wrapping paper.  It's an extra gift in itself!

Although it's quite a new concept in the western world, this form of wrapping has existed in Japan since around AD 710, when fabric was used to wrap precious gifts and jewellery.

As an ancient art it has seen a boost in popularity recently and is certainly an easy sustainable swap to make.

Modern wrapping materials are likely to contain materials that are either tricky or impossible to recycle, such as glitter, other plastics and foil. Even the tape you use to bind the paper together makes the recycling process difficult. In fact, in the UK around 227,000 miles of gift wrap end up in landfill every single year.

If you are given a present in store-bought wrapping paper, a good rule of thumb to work out if recyclable is to screw it up into a ball, and if it remains scrunched up then you should be able to pop it into your recycling bin. Paper which opens up is likely to contain those unrecyclable microplastics.

You can wrap almost anything in furoshiki regardless of shape or size and we have a few tips to help you.

Check out Furo & Shiki's beautiful wrappings and follow this easy guide to Furoshiki: 

 furoshiki gifting gifts conscious consumer

  • Place the gift in the middle of the cloth on a diagonal. 
  • Fold the top and bottom corners over the gift, then the second two corners, tying them in a knot. 
  • Tuck any untidy edges into the cloth folds.


  • Start with what you have and when wrapping in fabric, it is best to use fabric in a square shape - common sizes are 50cm, 70cm and 90cm.
  • Different materials create different wraps too. An organic cotton for example will create a stiffer more pert bow, whereas a lighter material will create a bow with a softer look.
  • Remember you can finish off your wrap with decor. Try a satin bow, a feather or perhaps some seasonal herbs. 
  • Start with a simple object like a book. We recommend Face Workouts for Beginners

It's not difficult to make these small changes so that we can all remember to:

Reduce - Re-use - Recycle

By reducing the use of unnecessary packaging and by being more mindful about what and how we use products we can tread a little lighter on the earth. 

Go to @organabeautywellbeing and see our video on Furoshiki

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