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Free Yourself of Free Radicals

Free Yourself of Free Radicals

Typically the word 'free' is a term we'd love to hear. Free drinks? Yes. Free Makeup? Twist our arm. However, free is not a word to love when it comes to free radicals. 

After seeing the term 'free radicals' tossed around by beauty experts we wanted to get the details on what exactly these pesky little guys mean for us and how to combat them:

What are they? 

Unstable molecules missing an electron. No bueno.

What do they do?

Because these molecules are unstable, they can damage cells in our body and cause premature aging. Yeah, we'll pass on that please. 

How they do this is by attaching themselves to the nearest healthy cell to steal an electron to balance themselves

Where do they come from? 

Pollution, cigarette smoke, radiation, and fried foods - all things we know we're better off without. They can also come from normal metabolic processes, but excessive exposure to the former list can impact your cellular and organ health long term.

Those of us in high population areas have a bit more to worry about...

Yikes, yikes yikes. So what can you do about it? 

Facialists and nutritionists alike recommend upping your antioxidant intake. Think: another reason to make yourself choose the kale salad over the more delectable looking dessert you're craving. 

Also consider upping your Vitamin E intake, avoiding fried foods, and microwaves as other subtle things to help maintain skin's natural elasticity. 

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