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Flower Power: How Do Flower Essences Help Us Find  Emotional Balance

Flower Power: How Do Flower Essences Help Us Find Emotional Balance

Western medical culture is opening its doors to the laws of psychology and physics, extending far beyond the constraints of the little white pill. With a clear focus on self-care we felt it was important to look at products that can help to support a more holistic approach to our wellbeing.

Doctors are more frequently prescribing ancient traditions of meditation and yoga to help treat depression, dermatologists prescribe holistic ‘psychodermatology’ treatments to target stress-related acne see our Stress and Skin article, and herbal remedies are on the rise as we continue to delve into the world of subconscious healing.

For this article, I felt particularly conflicted. I am a bit of a science purist and am obsessed with using science as ‘proof’. Before I use any skincare product, I’ll check the research behind the ingredients to see if it will even penetrate the dermis. So, when I began to explore the world of flower essences, I must admit I wasn’t too sure. However, thousands of people use essences with great success to help boost psychological wellbeing.  So, what do we need to know about the world of essences?

With mental health on the rise, it is reported that 1 in 4 people in the UK experience some sort of mental health issue, and 1 in 5 adults have considered taking their own life at some point, that’s 20% of the population (mental health These staggering, and saddening statistics hammer home the real need for better treatment and medication options to support our psychological wellbeing and beauty from the inside out.

Many prescription drugs do not solve the problem if anything they mask the problem and with it bring a wealth of new, unwanted side effects. So, it really needs no further explanation as to why people are turning to alternative treatments.

In recent years, there has been scientific debate about the notion that the molecular structure of water means that it can hold memory. It is hypothesized that this ‘memory’ is stored as a vibration which can be transferred from plant to human. Whilst there is little evidence to support this claim, there have been many reports of essences as successful remedies.

When we listen to music, we absorb the vibrations and it makes us feel emotion, it has the capacity to change our emotional state and often transports us to a time and place in our memory. This is all from something as simple as a vibration.

In the same way, flower essence connoisseurs believe that our body can respond to the vibrations held in water.

What are flower essences?

Flower essences are liquid droplets which hold specific energy based on the plant they came from. These are then usually placed under the tongue, enabling the energy to transfer from plant to human. It is thought that different plants hold different vibrations which can target specific emotional needs.

This practice of using essences has been used since the 1930s to help people shift their emotional states and change unhelpful or self-limiting behaviours. The idea is that this new energy helps you to re-align your own energies and bring balance to your emotional state. It can help you to let go of unwanted patterns of behaviour and live your best life.

The low down on flower power

To look at how we can support our psychological wellbeing with flower essences, I interviewed Saskia Marjoram, the inspiring co-founder of Saskia’s Flower Essences.

“People often come to us for the first time when their lives are in crisis or turmoil and they have heard how effective essences can be... Flower Essences help people deal with complex, sometimes bewildering changes around them bringing support and personal transformation”.

The most popular problems that people come to Saskia with are self-confidence, anxiety and sleep problems. However, problems like motivation and people seeking to solve their procrastination issues are also a common occurrence.

“Often when people have been coping with these issues for a long time, and have not seen much success from medications, or they simply don’t have time for self-help practices such as medication, they choose to try essences.“

This is where my science-purist mindset started to shift a little. It seems that all these ‘proven’ medications for things like anxiety and depression weren’t necessarily working, and perhaps it is time for me to open my mind to the alternatives.

Having a background in the world of psychology, it goes without saying that the power of the mind can be incredibly strong. If we have the will to do something, the chances are it will happen.

There are different essences which are created to help with specific problems, and choosing the right one for you is the first step in ensuring you get the most out of them.

The ‘Breathe deep’ combination essence is tailored for people with sleep problems and is one of Saskia’s most popular choices. It is designed to help you get rid of unwanted thoughts, enabling you to relax and unwind at the end of a long day. It even won the Beauty Shortlist award for Wellbeing in 2020!



Another popular choice is the Emotional Relief essence - for when life is just too much. Let’s face it, we all have those moments where the world seems to be caving in on us and it all gets too much! This is the perfect choice for helping you restore balance and calm in these moments.


More and more people are turning to these more natural therapies in their quest to avoid the unwanted side effects that many prescription medications can bring.

How do you know if essences are the right choice for you?

It is important to note that essences do not create euphoria, or banish pain. It requires regular use and understanding which essences your body is most likely to respond to at different times in your life.

Essences have been known to help people feel clearer, calmer and more able to cope, as opposed to creating dramatic shifts. They are for people who want to try something new and are open to alternative, holistic therapies. They are for busy people, who may already be using prescription medication, but want to complement it with additional natural therapies. They are definitely worth a try.

If you have any questions about essences please email and we will make sure that you get expert advice from Saskia herself.

By Rio Cook, Beauty Blogger








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