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Where do you stand on the subject of Black Friday? For many of us, the consumerism it represents feels uncomfortable.

As we have a love for all things that make us look and feel good, we’ve never been keener to think about how beauty can do good at times like this. Black Friday presents a perfect opportunity for us all to do just that, and here’s how.    

We believe in beauty doing good, do you?

If you’re already weighing up the idea of a Black Friday deal with conscious consumerism, you are not alone. For us, beauty doing good is a concept that extends beyond the importance of ethical beauty products.

Thinking about how we can help others, protect our planet, and look after ourselves are all part of the same puzzle. There’s something to be said for the psychological impact of doing good deeds. Studies show us that it can improve our mood, self-esteem and happiness and reduce stress.

That takes care of our inner glow and sense of worth on a very real level. If we think outside ourselves, help others and contribute to good causes, it takes the focus off us somehow. It becomes less ”about us” and all the products we need to look good, and more about the positivity we can spread with just a simple good deed.

You may ask here, where do beauty products and the ethical side of the beauty industry fit into this picture? Does that mean you should forgo your outer glow? For us, the two are most certainly not mutually exclusive. Looking good and feeling great, that’s something we can all invest in.

An alternative Black Friday

A quick date for your diary at this point. If you’re wondering when Black Friday is, it’s on the 27th November. And how are we celebrating it? Well, as we truly believe in the concept of beauty doing good, there was only one option for us.

Cue the Black For Good campaign. Launched by Ning Li, the founder of and Typology, the idea behind it is to, “make Black Friday a moment of thoughtful and responsible consumption.”

The beauty industry has historically had a bad rap for its ethical position and sustainability. Even if you try to buy ethically, the regulations involved in the beauty sector are still woefully behind other industries. This can make us feel powerless as consumers. How can we invest in a beauty doing good ideology, when we don’t always have the best information?

Thankfully, more amazing ethical beauty brands are coming on the scene with organic, tracible ingredients, sustainable production processes and packaging. This is giving the average customer more choice and a greater ability to buy products that give us a feel-good glow. To take this to the next level, the Black For Good campaign allows you to play a part in a movement that balances out the consumerist ideology that events like Black Friday represent.

Black for Good – the details

Here are the things to know about Black For Good 2020. Organa Beauty is one of 38 brands joining the collective for the Black For Good movement.

The movement is all about giving back. So, everything you buy from a participating business on that day will donate 50% of the sale to a charity.

We’ve chosen to donate 50% of our sales to The WONDER Foundation. The charity helps to transform the lives of women and girls across the world. For these reasons it felt like the perfect partner for Organa Beauty & Wellbeing. 

Why the WONDER Foundation?

wonder foundation charity beauty sustainability

If you want to boost that feel-good inner glow, here are just a few of the amazing things The Wonder Foundation does. Working with 37 partners, across 20 countries, the charity has helped 50,757 women and girls to date.

WONDER focusses on building sustainable, educational projects. Each is run on the ground by local women, and they are geared up to the specific educational needs of the women and girls in the area.

women vulnerable women and children charity beauty

By empowering women with the education and skills they need, they can lead fuller lives and reach their full potential. Many of the people involved in the WONDER programmes have already graduated with the qualifications and skills they need to transform their future.   

women education children charity

If you’d like to be inspired further, check out some of the stories featured on the WONDER website.

Make it all about someone else this Black Friday (and beyond)

Here’s the best bit. To take part in this Black For Good campaign, you just need to start by visiting the Organa website on Friday 27th November. We’ll automatically pledge 50% of every sale to WONDER.

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Remember, we are not powerless when it comes to defining the future of the beauty industry. We can all play an important part to ensure that beauty does good. By understanding how our wellbeing links with the world at large and the people we share it with, we can all enact change.

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