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5 Hero Skincare Ingredients

5 Hero Skincare Ingredients

Every year the skincare industry introduces us to a new and exciting hero ingredient which promises to solve our complexion woes. To help you keep track of the trends, we decided to line up 5 of the must-have ingredients in your skincare routine.

1. Glasswort - The Adapter

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Adaptogenic skincare is on the rise thanks to the realisation that our skincare needs change from day to day. Sometimes we have an oily day, sometimes we may want a bit of extra moisture. Essentially, adaptogenic skincare uses ingredients which adapt to our skin’s moisture levels throughout the day.

One ingredient that stands out above the rest is Glasswort. Glasswort goes by the inci name Salicornia herbacea, and is a succulent that grows in salt marshes around the world. Renowned for its ability to regulate moisture levels on the skin (and in the water), salicornia extract helps retain water deep within the skin’s surface to boost the skin’s hydration. The main plus side is that if you have oily skin, this will also help regulate your moisture levels without causing unwanted breakouts.

Why is this moisture regulation so important? Well, in the world of ageing we know that one of the easiest ways we can slow the onset of wrinkles is by preventing our skin from drying out. This ability to always ensure our skin has the exact moisture levels it needs, will ensure you avoid the dreaded early onset wrinkle epidemic. But remember, ageing is beautiful, so don’t fear those wrinkles too much!

Scientific studies have also shown this ingredient to have antioxidant and skin brightening effects on skin cells in vitro studies. So stay tuned as it is likely we will be hearing a lot more about this ingredient over the year.



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2. Mushrooms - The Hydrator 

Move over Hyaluronic Acid, there’s a new hero in town. Mushrooms have actually been around in medicinal healing for centuries, but in the modern day skincare world it is cropping up again. The Snow Mushroom, also known as Tremella Fuciformis is able to hold 5 times more moisture than Hyaluronic Acid. This makes it the perfect ingredient to add to your skincare routine if you’re looking for a burst of moisture.

The best part is that the gelatinous structure of this wonder ingredient means it has a much smaller molecular structure than Hyaluronic Acid. This means it is more able to penetrate the dermis and draw moisture deeper into the skin layers.

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Some brands who have been championing this ingredient recently include The Inkey List, Origins and Revolution skincare.

3. Gotu Kola - The Tightener

Also known by its scientific name centella asiatica or ‘the herb of enlightenment’.

Gotu Kola is known for its skin strengthening properties, preventing sagging and restoring suppleness to your complexion. Whilst we know that no skincare products can provide us with an actual face lift, we do know that ingredients like Gotu Kola help to give the skin the nutrients and environment it needs to stay firm.

Gotu kola is rich in compounds called ‘triternene saponins’ which help keep skin tighter and firmer—and is also a great source of phytonutrients called flavonoids that act as antioxidants and fight off UV-induced damage. We are big fans of anything with a high antioxidant content, especially when it comes from nature!

To top it all off, this wonderful herb is also a source of amino acids and has soothing properties. Research also shows that concentrations of 5% show notable improvement in skin’s moisture content.

4. Cannabidiol - The Age Protector

Cannabidiol (CBD) was quite literally everywhere in the skincare industry last year. But it is worth keeping the hype going because it really is an amazing ingredient.

It occurs naturally in flowering hemp plants, so is loved for its truly natural source. However, it is important to note that to get the true benefits of this ingredient, you should look for products which list it as ‘Cannabidiol’ and not ‘Hemp seed oil’. 

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CBD is able to bind to receptors on our skin’s surface, and send unique messages which tell our skin to stop firing certain signals which may accelerate ageing. As a result, it keeps our skin looking healthier and happier. It has antioxidant properties which are equal to that of Vitamin C and E, and is also great for acne sufferers since it can help control oil levels.

5. Bakuchiol - The Wrinkle Diminisher

Touted as the Retinol for sensitive skin, this plant extract is popping up across the anti-ageing skincare landscape. Science has revealed that bakuchiol interacts with many of the same areas in skin as retinol to help diminish wrinkles, improve elasticity, and create a smoother complexion. The main benefit is that it doesn’t come with a lot of the nasty side effects that come with retinols - such as disruption to the skin barrier, breakouts and irritations.

Top tip: Look for products which contain between 0.5-2% bakuchiol for maximum effectiveness.

So, which skincare hero will be next on your list? Check out our shop where you can find some of our favourites. 

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